Loopydoodles By Ms. J

What should the loops of  your doodle say?

What is a Loopydoodle?
A Loopydoodle is a commissioned or pre-made drawing/painting that starts with its own free flow line that loops around to create multiple areas for individual illustrations that follow a particular subject matter, tell a story or follow a theme. All are done in Ms.J's loopy style of doodling: Reality morphed into a cartoon charactature that's always slightly askew and usually with a dash of humor mixed in. 
"Derek's Battle" commissioned 

Loopydoodles are very detailed and come in color (watercolors detailed with colored pencil and black ink) or black and white (traditional pen & ink). Also, like the example shows above, the subject matter can be ANYTHING.  

Be it a person, place or thing,
 if it's a noun it can be a loopydoodle.
Some suggestions are
Business or particular trade  
Personal interests
Special Events

Even if you're not sure if something could be worked into a Loopydoodle, I will meet with you (no charge) to go over the idea. Maybe between the two of us, we can loop something together.

Why get a Loopydoodle?
Because they.....
  • make an excellent personal gift
  • enhance any office or lobby
  • look great in any room of the home
  • can uniquely memorialize a person or event
  • nobody else would have one like it!!

What should the loops of your doodle say?